Kemp Edmonds

Kemp Edmonds

HootSuite University

Session Title:
Get on the Bus: A Social Media Story

This talk explores what it means to “Get on the Bus” in the world of social media where everyone has the ability to drive organizational success and learn better methods for communication. What’s the ultimate long-term goal in this new world? Community building. It has become an important part of every organization’s communications strategy. Serving our communities goes beyond serving our audience. These days it includes prospective constituents, employees and the general public. How can we manage this balancing act and what does it mean to build community? This talk will incorporate personal stories, lessons from HootSuite and best practices from other organizations who’ve found success in building community online.

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Kemp Edmonds (@kempedmonds) is the Coordinator of HootSuite University, an educational program for social media professionals. HootSuite is a social media dashboard for managing multiple social networks from one convenient place. Originally and always a user of HootSuite, Kemp was inspired to pursue a career in emerging online media while in the classroom at BCIT using HootSuite to learn as much as he could from the social web and is now a self-taught online communications educator at BCIT.

Going from student to teacher in less than one year at BCIT blew Kemp’s socks off and he hasn’t looked back since. Working with Vancouver’s Board of Trade, BCIT, The Disability Resources Network, and other local organizations prior to joining HootSuite has helped Kemp stay connected to the wider community beyond the digital world. During his frequent appearances in the media he discusses the politics of Facebook, social media, the law, technology and digital culture. Kemp’s goal when speaking with any audience is to educate, inform and inspire a desire for lifelong learning.