Rebecca Coleman

Rebecca Coleman

Rebecca Coleman | Marketing and Media Relations

Session Title:
YouTube 101

If a Picture’s worth a thousand words, then is a video worth a million?

In this session, we will discuss the huge impact of video, and how you can put it to use as a marketing tool for your business. Rebecca will share examples of the kinds of videos you can make to promote your business using a few simple tools (no video camera required!). She will also demonstrate how to get your own YouTube Channel and how to market and cross promote it. Maybe you can create the next “viral” video…

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Rebecca Coleman has been a freelance theatre publicist since 2001, working for companies like Touchstone, Ruby Slippers Theatre, Capilano University’s Theatre Department, Presentation House, Radix, and Leaky Heaven Circus. An actor, writer and producer, she is also very passionate about helping artists to be better businesspeople. An early adopter of Social Media, she has become increasingly interested in using it as a marketing tool, and writes about the subject frequently on her blog, The Art of the Business. She has written an e-book called Guide to The Guide to Getting Started With Social Media for Artists and Arts Organizations, which helps newbies create a marketing plan using social networking as a tool. She instructs courses in Social Media Marketing at Emily Carr University and BCIT.
Rebecca is on a continual search for the elusive work-life balance between her business and her seven-year-old son, Michael.

She also writes a personal/foodie blog, Cooking by Laptop.