Dan del Villano

Dan del Villano

Cabin 12 Restaurant

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Social Media for Small Business

Get practical tips from small business operators about different methods used to successfully implement social media.

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Dan is co-owner of Cabin 12 restaurant, which hosts one of the oldest tweetups in Victoria. Originally a regular, he became an angel investor after the restaurant nearly folded and was saved by community donations. Since then, he’s discovered strength in social media, fondness for community, and distaste of paperwork. He’s been a soldier, a diplomat, a businessman, a bureaucrat, a beekeeper, a volunteer and a family guy.

Cabin 12 wouldn’t exist without social media. The diner has a retro vibe, but its following and sense of community are largely built on Facebook and Twitter. Even the startup money was raised from a Facebook page. Cabin 12 hosted the first attempt at a FourSquare swarm in Victoria and hosts community events ranging from poetry slams and speed dating to an online ‘web-a-thon’ to save Mary Lake.