Mark Myles

Mark Myles

Church Planter
Converge Church, Campbell River

Session Title:
Religion, Faith and Social Media

Panelists explore the implications social media has for organized religion and faith in modern society.

Starting a new church isn’t easy. It takes a sure calling, divine intervention and hard work. Some have said that Mark is using Twitter to build a church, while others are happy to refer to him as “the Tweeting Pastor.” The truth is, Mark uses social media to connect with people IRL (in real life) as he seeks to build community, meet needs, love people in his city and speak the Gospel.

Mark Myles has been married to his highschool sweetheart for 11 years, together they have 3 very sweet children. He’s also an amateur home-brewer, just-for-fun soccer-player, environmental steward, Canucks season-ticket holder, leadership coach, motor-biker, mountain-biker, reader, writer, learner and sometimes he’s a prince in a castle rescuing his daughter from her 2 dragon brothers.

Mark holds a Masters in Missional Leadership, a BA in Youth Work & an Associate Certificate in Religious Education.

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