Nick Johnson

Nick Johnson

Visual Arts Designer
Saanich Baptist Church

Panel Title:
Religion, Faith and Social Media

Panelists explore the implications social media has for organized religion and faith in modern society.

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Nick was born and raised in Victoria BC and has been involved in a variety of media roles over the last decade. From working in radio with C-FAX 1070 and their various FM affiliations to working in advertising and design, he’s seen a lot of the range of media YYJ has to offer. Now he works part time overseeing the visual media design work at Saanich Baptist Church and also runs Hey You Media where he works with a number of different clients, from non profits to churches to school to small businesses, and that has taken him from Uganda to Mexico and even … Esquimalt. He’s still getting on his pastor’s case to keep blogging, but at least he’s got him using HootSuite now!