Terry Rachwalski

Terry Rachwalski

Front Porch Perspectives Ltd

Panel Title:
Social Media Monitoring and Metrics

How much does a kilo of feathers weigh?

Public relations is all about attracting media attention, yet measuring the value of earned media can be a difficult task. In the digital world, measuring ROI is much easier than figuring out magazine readership. But how do you know what to measure, monitor and analyze… and how much is enough? And how do you measure the feather weight of a re-tweet?

So if the medium IS the message,

  • How do you measure success?
  • What tools will work for you?
  • Is there a single solution?

A kilo of feathers weighs a kilo…more importantly, why are you weighing feathers?

Let’s talk at the Social Media Monitoring panel.

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Terry Rachwalski of Front Porch Perspectives is an award winning certified management consultant (CMC) and tweetaholic geek who leads her clients out of the marketing muddle to create actionable product launch plans with rocket stats. Specializing in business development and technology launches with a niche in RFID, sensors and fiber optics, her marketing campaigns link overall business and marketing strategy with broadcast, print and social media and use a variety of technologies and platforms specific to client needs.

Front Porch Perspectives recently partnered with the Tartan Group – a premier tourism and hospitality public relations firm with offices in Victoria, Vancouver and New York – to offer digital services to global clients.