Theresa Lalonde

Theresa Lalonde

Consumer Beat Reporter
CBC Vancouver

Panel Title:
Media Meets Social Media

Leaders in the mainstream media discuss how social media is changing the media industry, news reporting, marketing and the ways people find news.

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Theresa Lalonde started working for CBC Radio when she was a teenager, hosting CBC North’s Saturday Night Request show out of her hometown studio in Inuvik.  She’s also been a reporter and producer in Ontario and Nova Scotia before joining the Vancouver newsroom in 2000. She’s worked for national radio programs and local news, now producing for radio, tv and the web.

Theresa covered the social media beat for CBC Vancouver for a year and a half and led 100 BC employees through social media training.

She currently covers consumer issues.

“Twitter reminds me of home. In the NWT, you were part of a community as well as reporting to the community as a journalist. People got to know you and held you directly accountable.”