Callan Rush

Callan Rush

Sales and Marketing Expert, CEO

Workshop Title:
One Embarrassingly Simple Secret to Make Your Marketing Results TRIPLE!

You’ve heard the statistics. Most small business owners struggle to grow their business and many are forced to close their doors in the first few years in operation.

It’s not because they lack education, expertise or experience. It’s not because their products, programs, and services have no value … The #1 reason most businesses fail is because the business owners don’t understand how to effectively MARKET themselves and their products.

Join Callan Rush for 90 minutes that will totally transform your business!  In this powerful workshop, she’ll reveal a one, single, solitary concept that will change everything you know about attracting perfect people to your business!  It’s so simple and easy to implement … you’ll wonder why you haven’t been doing it before!

You’ll Discover:

  • How the ‘3-7-30-30-30’ Formula Will Help You Double Your Revenue This Year.
  • The Key to Ethically Out Marketing Every Single One of Your Competitors!
  • How to Become a ‘Trusted Advisor’ to All Of Your Potential Clients … (and Why You Must Care About Attaining This Status!)
  • How to apply this Marketing Secret to your SOCIAL MEDIA efforts to attract way more cash, credibility, and clients!

A former professional teacher with a solid background in Consumer Psychology, Callan Rush is a World Class Expert when it comes to ethical sales and marketing.

She earned 6 figures in her first six months in business, and has consistently doubled her revenue every year since. She now has over 15 years of success in the workshop and seminar industry and specializes in helping Small Business Owners around the world grow their ventures through the use of Education Based Marketing.

She personally advised and worked on stage alongside gigantic personal growth gurus like New York Times Best Selling Author T. Harv Eker, Mark Victor Hansen, Jack Canfield, and Marianne Williamson … to name a few.

A highly entertaining presenter, Callan delights her audiences with a unique blend of education and wisdom, honesty and humour, and complete generosity of self and spirit.