June Swadron

June Swadron

Author, Speaker, Facilitator

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Authentic & Meaningful Communication: Finding Your True Social Media Voice

Did you ever wonder what it takes to write good and authentic content for all types of Social Media? Are you thinking of starting up a blog or spreading your wings on Twitter with your business or for personal expression? Are you a seasoned Social Media professional expressing yourself in virtual mediums on a daily basis already? If the answer is yes, then discovering your genuine voice is crucial to developing your brand or personality in this new world of digital communication. Social Media articles come in all forms and genres. Whether you want to write business, health, arts & culture, news, events, personal growth, women’s, spiritual or general interest articles, preparation will raise your chances of becoming a successful blogger, social media personality or published author. There is great potential for the Social Media creative process to be profoundly transformational for your business or for you personally.

Are you a star-blogger and have you thought about converting your blog into a book? There is a natural transition from one to the other.

Part of a Social Media Writing Workshop Series by Author June Swadron Co-Facilitated by Author Esther Hart, the Authentic & Meaningful Communication: Finding Your True Social Media Voice workshop is designed to help you find your voice, learn how to create and organize ideas, and understand the whys and hows of creative vs business writing for personal expression, for business reporting, or for marketing.

Discover ways to learn to craft more authentic blog posts, or stories, and prepare more concise tweets so you don’t fall victim to trends and peer pressure to simply regurgitate what you see and hear. Give voice to your own ideas.

Those participating in this workshop will have a clearer understanding of the basic mechanics of finding your voice for creative writing and understanding the elements of authentic writing in the realms of Social Media. You will begin practicing them in this experiential workshop.

Part of this workshop will also present ideas on turning your blogs into books. Co-Facilitator Author Esther Hart will present information about the current exciting technology of book publication. By the end of this workshop you will have learned more about who you are at the core and how to express yourself authentically, thereby being more attractive to your readers. You will also have learned that you, too, can turn your blog into a book.

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June Swadron is an author, speaker, published playwright, workshop facilitator, and professional writing coach. She has spent the last twenty years guiding thousands of students in writing and sharing their stories. June helps others find their authentic voice so that the world of Social Media can be meaningful in all of its forms. June sees the potential for the Social Media creative process to be profoundly transformational for businesses as well as for individuals.

June’s book, Re-Write Your Life – A Transformational Guide to Writing and Healing the Stories of Our Lives is based on her 8-week Writing Series: Re-Write Your Life: Sacred Stories, Celebrating Your Life Journey.