Lorraine Murphy

Lorraine Murphy
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Twitter 101

What can 140 characters do for you? How about: find you new friends, find you a new job, find you a new house? Find out how in this workshop. 140 characters can change your life, or waste it if you’re not careful. Learn to use Twitter in productive, efficient ways to get real results for outreach, connecting, marketing, and of course, the all-important creation and spread of competitive zombie love haikus.

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Lorraine Murphy has been teaching and consulting in the social media field since the days when it was called New Media. She’ll explain the common pitfalls and pratfalls of social media, and give you easily-implementable advice about which platforms, apps, programs and gizmos are useful, effective, and practical, along with tips on how to use them most efficiently.

Simple. Straightforward. Social.

Lorraine “raincoaster” Murphy is the President of Social Media Club of Vancouver and has been a professional blogger and social media trainer since 2002. She specializes in teaching beginners and those with barriers to internet use, and in social media for social change.

Her flagship blog, raincoaster.com, has been studied as part of the New Media curriculum in three universities, and the comments thread on her Mummified Fairy post has been called “one of the most beautiful things on the internet.” She once got into a flamewar with the nation of Albania, and won. She conducts workshops in the transformative use of social media on Vancouver’s Downtown Eastside, and blogs regularly to seven different sites, including raincoaster.com, trueslant, lolebrity and ayyyy.

Lorraine has also spoken at WordCamp Victoria, in both 2009 and 2010.