Terri Davies

Terri Davies

Sociability | Online Marketing Strategies

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Advanced Twitter Strategies

Signing up for Twitter and getting a few followers is a good first step, but knowing what to do with your account to make it effective takes a better understanding of the platform. We’ll be sharing some of the many tips and tricks we’ve picked up along the way for time management, building community, and increasing your influence authentically. This is Twitter 202 – beyond the basics.

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Terri’s enthusiasm for marketing started in university and flourished when she got a job writing advertorials in a print publication for small businesses around Victoria. In 2007 she started a communications company and began learning about the online world. She is now a passionate educator and online marketing strategist with a keen interest in all things social media. The way Terri sees it, your organization’s online presence needs to be as exciting and fresh as your real world presence, and platforms like YouTube, Flickr, Twitter and Facebook make that completely possible – even for a small business.