Fred Sarkari, Motivational Speaker

Social Media Camp 2012 – Keynote Speaker

Motivational Keynote Speaker

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 WHAT IS SOCIAL MEDIA ANYWAYS? The key foundation for success to any social media strategy.


Everyone is talking about social media – it is the fastest growing form of communication, critical for marketing and promoting your business – no one wants to miss the boat!

But what truly is Social Media and how do we capitalize on it without wasting our time?

There are countless options and, in an effort to be pro-active and keep up with the competition, people are signing up for everything that is available. Once signed on, most people have no idea what to do nor the time to maintain it all!

What has the potential to be one of your strongest business strategies can turn out to be something that can diminish your credibility and ruin your business reputation.

Get serious about social media, understand the impact it will have on your success, learn how to plan and run your social media campaign, find out what works and what doesn’t.

To get results, social media must be used correctly and regularly – find out what 90% of you are doing that is wasting your time, money and resources.

Learn what truly is the foundation of any social media strategy. Without it all you will do is waste your time, money and resources.

About the speaker:

Fred Sarkari is a best selling author of “How the Top 5% Think! – Principles of Great Leaders” and “Courage To Be Naked – Guide to Communicating and Presenting Your Message.”

Fred remains highly active in providing individuals with ongoing one-on-one coaching, from goal setting to execution.

Considered an expert in human behavior, Fred works with a broad range of organizations, from start ups to some of the world’s largest organizations. Microsoft, Wells Fargo, BMW, Scotia Bank, Coca-Cola, Home Depot, CIBC, Royal Bank, North West Mutual Funds, Ceridian, Promotional Products Association, BMO Bank of Montreal, Genworth Financial, Hilton Hotels, Midas, Four Seasons Hotels and many more.

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