Brian Clendenin

Enterprise Sales
Gartner, Inc.

Session Title: B2B Sales Essentials:  Effective Prospecting & Lead Generation with LinkedIn

Extract: With over 135 million members globally, learn how to accelerate business-to-business (B2B) sales when combining information found on LinkedIn with an effective sales prospecting technique.

Many individuals and companies struggle to unlock the value of social networking to achieve success in a direct B2B sales environment.  This session will give best practices and examples of how to accelerate sales when combining the information found on social networking sites such as LinkedIn with an effective prospecting technique. If your company has a direct sales force, whether it is just one person or a team, then you will gain valuable insight from attending this session irrespective of your industry.

To get the most out of this session, explore LinkedIn prior to the SMC Conference:

  1. Think about the quality of your own LinkedIn profile
  2. Explore LinkedIn profiles of peers in your industry (Save profiles of those you feel capture your expertise and/or industry focus)
  3. Spend some time searching for companies and individuals that you believe would benefit from your product or service.

About the speaker:

Brian Clendenin is a senior sales leader for more than 12 years in technology sales and recognized for being relentlessly customer-centric.  Brian’s expertise is in creating and implementing strategic sales plans resulting in accelerated sales growth and increased market share.

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