Christian Taylor, co-founder and CEO Payvment Inc.Co-founder, CEO
Payvment Inc.

Session Title:
 Facebook Commerce: Making Ecommerce Social

Extract: Consumers spend more time on Facebook than any other website. Today, Facebook is connecting people and product in new ways, and has the real potential to completely transform online shopping. As the co-founder and CEO of Payvment, the #1 Facebook ecommerce platform, Christian Taylor will share his unique insights on the topic of Facebook Commerce. He will discuss how F-commerce has evolved and share what’s coming that will impact brands and consumers. This presentation will examine the trends that are shaping Facebook Commerce today and what the future holds for social shopping; how Facebook is recreating the Main Street brick-and-mortar experience online; and share best practices on implementing F-commerce into a marketing strategy.

About the speaker:

Christian Taylor is the co-founder and CEO of Payvment, Inc., the #1 Facebook ecommerce platform. Taylor is a social commerce expert and a sought-after speaker in the retail/e-commerce and entrepreneurial communities. From 2002 to 2007, Taylor was President of Xcreative Interactive, a successful, interactive media and web development firm that helped media and entertainment clients like Disney, Lionsgate and Universal Studios build their brands on Facebook and engage audiences. There, he saw the opportunity to create an easy-to-use technology platform that would make brand-to-social consumer connections more valuable and actionable. With this vision, in 2009 he and co-founder Joelle Musante created Payvment and today, more than 100,000 retailers of all sizes use the award-winning Payvment platform to engage with customers and sell millions of products right from their Facebook pages. In 2011, Payvment launched the first Shopping Mall on Facebook to market all its sellers’ products to Facebook’s 800 million users. Payvment is growing rapidly, adding hundreds of storefronts and tens thousands of products per day.

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