David Hume, Executive Director, Citizen Engagement Government of British ColumbiaExecutive Director,
Citizen Engagement Government of British Columbia

Session Title: How citizens and government can work together to make good things happen

Extract: This session will explore how governments’ can work more closely with citizens to plan government services, develop  policy, participate in budgeting and improve service delivery. David will talk about his experience in both New Zealand and BC, where digital tools like wikis and blogs, and events like townhalls and hackathons, have resulted in new partnerships with cool and surprising results.

About the speaker:

David Hume is Executive Director, Citizen Engagement for the Government of British Columbia. His small but high impact team is helping ministries across government think through and launch better ways to bring British Columbians into the process of improving policy and services that affect them.

David has been full time with the Province of BC since May 2009, and before that has worked in various consulting and project roles with the UN, OECD, the Province of New Brunswick, the Federal Government and the Government of New Zealand. Starting out in 2002 with an organization called the KTA Centre for Collaborative Governance, and continuing as the owner/operator of his own firm, most of his work has been focussed on how and why the web matters to the way we govern.

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