Deirdre Campbell, Tartan GroupChief Development Officer and President,
Tartan Group

Session Title: Social Media and Tourism: Plan, Do, Check/Act

Extract: Wondering how social media can be part of the marketing mix in tourism? This expert panel is designed to help you learn and start implementing or improving your on-line engagement. This panel is for the operator who needs to hear about how others have implemented social media programs and what worked and what didn’t.

Based on the Plan,Do, Check/Act method of project planning, panel members will lead attendees through the stages and check points of a social media program. Key takeaways will be how to create an integrated social media and public relations strategy, how to manage promotions with real world examples and how to ensure friends and followers and journalists can check out your on-line persona.

About the speaker:

Moderator Deirdre Campbell, MBA, APR has 20 years experience in tourism public relations, is on the Board of the International Eco-Tourism and Sustainable Association (TIES) and is currently Chair of Tourism Victoria.

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