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 Action is the Antidote to Despair. Empowerment through making, creation, community & volunteerism

Extract: What I’m trying to do here is share with you how to remain strong, positive and engaged in the face of the big ugly threats and challenges that are facing us by telling you my story of life, love and the internet.

About the speaker:

After publishing a ground-breaking online magazine for several years, Kris became president of Bryght – a “web 2.0” start-up who offer a unique hosting service. Through enthusiastic outreach, Kris helped create a marketplace for community-centric websites and his evangelism spawned an eco-system of related companies in Vancouver.

Educated in Communications and Philosophy at Trinity Western University, Kris also moonlights as a fashion photographer, shooting subjects from executives to rock bands for fun and profit. He also organizes PhotoCamps and PhotoWalks for aspiring and established photographers to exchange tips on both artistic and business lens of photography.

Well known in the blogging community, Kris regularly speaks at conferences and media programs around the world about Internet tools, new media, and evolving copyright standards. He is an organizer of the Vancouver tech conference Northern Voice as well as a catalyst for workshops and “un”conferences – most recently in Beijing and Shanghai where Kris participated in international economic leadership events in advance of the 2008 and 2010 Olympics.

Kris’ skills bridge the technology, business and art communities. Through his unique approach to aesthetics and open business, he encourages collaboration to produce personal and professional expression online.

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