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Be Share-worthy!


Post content that your targeted fan base will find personally relevant, respond to, and most importantly WANT TO SHARE!

What we are aiming for are posts that click in the minds of our readers as, “I just have to share this”. The idea is to leverage the social connections of our fans. Be share-worthy.

Of course doing that is not easy. That’s where the secret lies and the truth behind that secret is, it’s work. I know. The last post I wrote that went viral took me three weeks to come up with. When I executed, it landed in every news source within that targeted market segment.

Your social media efforts are only as effective as they are interesting, thought provoking, problem solving or just plain old fun. The magic is in the delivery of your communication. We all have access to the same social media tools but it’s how we use them that counts. Be share-worthy!

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I like doing cool things on the Internet that I’ll be able to look back on 10 years from now and be proud of. Most of all, I like creating an awesome experience for my social networks. My own personal brand online is the result of a combination of deploying humor, entertainment, writing about mechanics and sharing technical knowledge.

In social media, I’ve always tried to focus on the human aspect of digital communications. This is certainly a people driven business. I think it is all too easy to get wrapped up in metrics and scores and to forget about the underlying asset: People. We are human.

For social media professionals, our job is to be responsive-able. We have to respond and not react and do so appropriately in real time. We have to be able to decode digital text and to be able to perceive the underlying feelings/emotion. Our mission is to be ever presently mindful of the human condition and the emotions which drive people to react or respond.

We must do this effectively with very little data. We cannot rely on our eyes or ears. We must rely on our minds and our empathy. Anyone who has managed a social account, has honed the craft of identifying myriad personalities and motivations with precision.

Make people feel good. Stir some emotions. Be a catalyst for conversation. Spark an idea. Be interesting. Write with emotion but not while emotional. Focus on word choices and imagery. Some words have more emotional power than others. Find new ways to say the same thing. The right phrase will tickle the brain and create an impact that will help to anchor our message in the minds of our readers. When people feel something, they tend to have a better memory. In other words, we become masters of being responsive-able. That is our craft. We connect with strangers daily in a very human way.

To sum up: Be responsive-able. Find the differentiating voice that defines your product or service. Build a brand that is uniquely your own.