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Session Title:
 Politics and Social Media

Extract: This round-table will speak to the gifts that social media presents with the helpful posts, interviews, and more by political types. However, at times these gifts are gaffes that are spun into memes and requires more discussion. How are politicians and activists best engaging the public and their messages online?

About the speaker:

Mat Wright studied at the University of Victoria before travelling the world and eventually residing in Brugge, Belgium. He partner founded, owned, and managed the Innovative Online Travel Company ‘Hostels of Europe’ (1999-2004); co-founded, and board member, of the International NGO ‘Quality of Life’ and consulted for airlines, travel organizations and international trade bodies.

Since returning to Victoria in 2005, Mat launched a communication consultation company, The Wright Result, working with business, organizations and governments on multi-media marketing, social media engagement and community building. He has acted as a campaign manager and communication chair for local and Federal political campaigns, is a regular on-air contributor on CFAX 1070, and is a board member of the Victoria Children’s Choir.

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