Mike Russell, Public Affairs Media Spokesperson and Social Media Officer VicPDPublic Affairs Media Spokesperson and
Social Media Officer

Session Title:
 Community Engagement

Extract: Mike and Lisa Helps will discuss the use of social media for community engagement. Speaking from their experience, they’ll explain how they each bring a human face and a genuine voice to social media that can cut through the din. They will highlight the ways in which they both use social media connect people with each other online and offline and to bring about change in the community. The panel will feature stories from Mike and Lisa’s experience in the community online and offline. And it will be a lot of fun!

Mike and Lisa’s presentation on SlideShare.

About the speaker:

Mike Russell is a husband and father of two and a fervent supporter of community engagement and community building. He is a  proud member of the Victoria Police Department and has served the cities of Edmonton, Victoria and Township of Esquimalt as a Police Officer in many community roles. He is the Public Affairs Media Spokesperson and Social Media Officer. Mike has pushed to be more open and engage fully using a broad base of social media. His goal has been to use this to get our community connected and excited about what we do.

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