Tanya Twynstra, Director responsible for citizen engagement, BC GovernmentDirector responsible for citizen engagement,
BC Government

Session Title: Throwing Employees to the Dragons, training #bcgov employees to use and plan digital

Extract: Tanya will talk about the BC government’s approach to social media tranining. This training includes a combination of includes synchronous and asynchronous, classroom, online and self-paced training, for everyone from front line staff to Executive. She has devised something unique and innovative to government, called the BC Public Service Dragon’s Den, where employees work on teams and pitch their ideas to a simulated Executive, in front of a live audience. The end goal is that there is an understanding of possibilities for new ways of working infused throughout the organizaton.

About the speaker:

Tanya Twynstra is a Director in the BC government responsible for citizen engagement.  As the Director, she is responsible for supporting all BC government branches and program areas that have an interest in putting citizens at the forefront of planning and service delivery. Her role is to help Ministries plan options for both face-to-face engagement processes (using focus groups, citizen panels, citizen juries) and online dialogue (using social media, Web, video, infographics). She also leads the design and delivery of training to orient BC public servants to face-to-face and social media tools, so that they understand both the appropriate use, risks, planning, resources and responsibilities to their employer.  To date, more than 3,000 BC public servants have accessed face to face learning opportunities and more than 6,000 have accessed online training materials.  You can check out her May 2011 interview on how social media is changing the BC government.

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