Simon SaltFounder, CEO

Session Title: Social Location Marketing – Connecting With Real Customers


Social Media is all about conversations. Businesses are told over and over that they should be listening to the conversations that are happening around their brand and their industry. That is great, but what about the customers you already have? What about focusing on having conversations with them? This session will show attendees how Social Location Sharing services can provide unique opportunities for businesses to talk to people who are actually on their premises and create conversation moments that will increase brand loyalty.

About the speaker:

Simon Salt is the founder and CEO of International IncSlingers and author of Social Location Marketing (recently translated into German).  Simon is a Digital Marketer and he writes the blog that breaks it all down into every day pieces – The IncSlinger.  Born in England with more miles in the air than your average bear, Simon has settled in Texas where the land is vast and the guns are big.  He has just a few more special pieces of weaponry to add to his wish list.  Simon has worked with companies as varied as Fortune 500 to startups and international PR agencies.

He teaches Advanced Mobile Marketing, an online course, with the Learning Resources Network (LERN), the largest continuing education association in the world, in partnership with over 250 colleges, universities and other education organizations throughout the United States and Canada.

He remains a down-to-earth guy who loves motorcycles, Lego and cats.  He has been published by Mashable, Read Write Web and Small Business Bonfire.  Simon is a builder, a fixer, a voracious reader, and lover of classic movies.  He’s also been known to wear a kilt upon occasion.

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