Volunteer VictoriaSocial Media Camp Victoria is delighted to welcome back for the second year, our Charity Partner for 2012.

For anyone from Victoria, you will recognize the name Volunteer Victoria as one of our city’s most vital non-profit organizations. For more than 35 years they have helped to support, mentor and train both staff and volunteers in our local non-profit sector. They are often referred to as the heart and hub of Greater Victoria, and when you work with them you quickly understand why.

Volunteer Victoria currently supports close to 300 local non-profits of all sizes and types. Their unique role as both a catalyst and community connector, and their important role as a leader for this sector, is what drew us to them. They first got involved in social media back in 2009 and have been taking a lead role in helping to get their fellow non-profits up to speed as well.

@volvicbc on TwitterVolunteer Victoria on Facebook

Volunteer Victoria provides many valuable programs and services. They also have a dedicated program for youth, for those with mental health and/or addictions challenges, and for employers wanting to give back to their community.

Victoria boasts over 180,000 volunteers and Volunteer Victoria plays a critical role in helping to recruit/refer more than 16,500 volunteers each year for our local non-profits.

We are proud to be able to support the great work of this important local non-profit agency.