Knowledge Cafe

Chris WhiteleyWe are delighted to welcome back bWEST Interactive as the Knowledge Cafe sponsor this year.

The Knowledge Cafe is a regular feature at Social Media Camp. It is our open learning environment at Social Media Camp. Look for round high-top tables outside Salon A.

The purpose of the “Knowledge Cafe” is to facilitate people sharing information and helping each other. The format is typically 1-on-1, or in small groups.

Your barista’s of knowledge will be serving up answers to all your online marketing questions, from SEO, WordPress, iPhone apps, social media, Twitter to copy writing and design. Stump us and there just might be a book in it for you.

Meet your baristas:

  • Chris Whiteley
  • Rosemary White
  • Scott Rose
  • Ken Cookson

With cameo appearances from Social Media Camp co-founder Chris Burdge.