2016 Attendee Feedback

© 2016 HA Photography

© 2016 HA Photography

Well that’s a wrap on the 7th annual #SMCamp. Thanks to everyone; delegates, sponsors, volunteers, and speakers for making 2016 our best year yet!

Every year we do a post-conference survey to gather your feedback in an effort to continually improve on the events we produce. This year we  received 125 responses, which is about 20% of all attendees.

We appreciate your feedback and in the spirit of transparency we like to provide you with the overall results along with some insight into how your feedback compares with that of your peers.

You also provided a lot of great suggestions for next year – thank you.

Results of the SMC 2016 Attendee Survey

Rate your overall experience at Social Media Camp on a scale of 1 – 10.

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How many Social Media Camps in Victoria have you attended?

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How organized was the event? 

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Please rate the Social Media Camp Coaching program?

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Rate the speakers for the sessions you attended (we have only listed the top 10 speakers by rating).

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What did you like the MOST about SMC 2016?

  • Presenters who offered real-life examples of what they were talking about, positive and negative results.
  • Getting ideas to take back to the classroom to help engage business students – being part of a social community to help keep current on industry trends.
  • More than one thing – the calibre of speakers; the size & location; excellent organization; casual and comfortable yet professional; networking opportunities.
  • I loved how friendly everyone was and that it was an open learning environment for everyone of all ages.
  • The connections I made and the very cool people I met.

What did you like the LEAST about SMC 2016?

  • Although, I know we are all adults, I felt the swearing and profanity used in presentations was offensive. It lacked professionalism, their intelligence, vocabulary and cheapens their presentation.
  • Conference on a Saturday – why not Thurs / Fri?  (We will be changing that for next year).
  • No coffee and full-day sessions on a Friday.  (There was coffee service but obviously we need more).
  • Some speakers were very salesy. Don’t mind people talking a bit about their jobs, but information first.
  • Although there was a social media camp 101 – I’d like to see a social media 101 at the beginning of the camp. There are absolute beginners in every crowd.

Do you have any ideas for making #SMCamp even better next year?

  • A buddy system for new attendees might be a great idea!
  • Maybe you could try different tracks. I think small business has different needs and pressures than bigger institutions. Things like government & education could even be lumped together.
  • Shake it up a bit; like with a flash mob or something creative and innovative group thing….having the speakers ask the group to do something that pushes them outside comfort zone each time
  • It would be nice to have some way to scout out people in similar industries prior to the event.

Our Takeaways 

We have lots of great feedback to work with to make SMC 2017 even better, more valuable and accessible by all. Key takeaways for us are:

  • Even more diversity of speakers, workshops and subject matter (and less selling from the stage).
  • Better and more visible description of sessions on the website, in the program and on the mobile app.
  • More advanced sessions.
  • An even bigger & better trade show component.

Producing a successful conference every year for seven years requires the help and support of a lot of very talented people; staff, contractors and volunteers, not to mention the attendees and sponsors – thank you!

If you have any more feedback or speaker suggestions please leave it in the comments section below.

Here are some photos from the event. There are a bunch more on our Facebook page.

There are still a few Super Early Bird tickets available for #SMCamp 2017.

Chris Burdge

Chris is the co-founder of Social Media Camp. In 2009 Chris founded bWEST Interactive, an online marketing firm focused on helping companies grow their business via strategic online marketing. In 2015 Chris founded SOHO Summit a series of 1-day conferences across British Columbia, for small business owners, entrepreneurs to connect, explore, network and do business.

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