2018 Attendee Feedback

The 9th annual #SMCamp officially wrapped up last week, drawing in over 500 participants to three conference-related events over three days. Thanks to everyone including delegates, sponsors, volunteers, and speakers for making 2018 an incredible year!

Check out the event highlights on our Facebook page to see our favourite photos from the Conference.

Every year we do a post-conference survey to gather your feedback in an effort to continually improve on the events we produce. We appreciate your feedback and in the spirit of continual improvement we like to provide you with the overall results along with some insight into how your feedback compares with that of your peers.

You also provided a lot of great suggestions for next year – thank you.

Results of the 2018 Attendee Survey

Rate your overall experience at Social Media Camp on a scale of 1 – 10.

How many Social Media Camps in Victoria have you attended?

How organized was the event? 

Please rate the Social Media Camp Coaching program.

Please rate the Roundtable Discussions.


Please rate the speakers for the sessions you attended.

Below are the top 6 as rated by you.

Are there any speakers you would like to see at the next Social Media Camp?

  • Rand Fishin
  • Mark Zuckerberg (he got 6 votes)
  • Bryan Kramer, Ted Rubin, Jenn Herman
  • People who can speak on using social media to advance behaviour change
  • Speakers or workshops that address needs of not-for-profit sector
  • Someone who can speak to government uses of social media and those realities (little/no budget, strict regulations, etc)

What did you like the LEAST about Social Media Camp?

  • Lunch was not provided onsite. Coffee, tea & muffins etc. for both mornings should have been offered.
  •  It would be great if you could provide, on one day, a stream of workshops just for non-profits.
  • Time for networking between sessions seemed short.
  • I would have liked to see more ways for people to converse face to face and larger rooms with more table seating.
  • I wish there was more structure to the coaching program. Another check in at the end of day one would be great. I wouldn’t mind sticking around for another hour to discuss the day and where I should focus attention for day two.

Some great feedback that we take very seriously, and these were just a few. Thank you!  

We get the one about the food and coffee every year and we really wish there was more that we could do. The only year we provided lunch (on both days) was year one and the cost of the food was almost 25% of the entire budget. At $27 for a box lunch (sandwich, cookie and a piece of fruit) that comes to about $27,000. Just the coffee alone is $6 a cup, which is why we gave out coffee cards for the cafe across the street. 

What did you like the MOST about Social Media Camp?

  • I appreciated the chance to see what is important to the industry right now and learning some of those new skills.
  • The speakers were fantastic & I really appreciated the Used.ca room to recharge my phone & energy. The venue was great too & the vibe was friendly.
  • I loved meeting other women in communications. I think we are still at the beginning of embracing female identities that are funny, bold, smart, and tech-savy. Social Media Camp gave an awesome platform for these women role models.
  • Roundtable discussions
  • Mark Gregory Siermaczeski from Cruelty Free Cartoons makes everyone’s days so much brighter. I love, and always have loved, the personal interaction factor: if you liked someone’s presentation, you can go and chat with them, ask your own questions. That personal factor really makes it easy to understand and to adapt to everyone’s interests. So personal, yet so informative. So much fun every year.
  •  I liked having spaces where we had our own social events – where there was just Camp people & not the general public. It was really nice to get to know some of the other Campers in a social setting 🙂 Thumbs up for the dancing – loved the decor & the awesome DJ for the campfire social.
  • I learned so much. I’m impressed with the quality of speakers, and I loved the variety of topics to learn about. Writing, customer service, branding, privacy. It was well worthwhile, and I’m hoping some of my colleagues will attend with me next year.
  • The coaching sessions were fabulous!

Our Takeaways

We have lots of great feedback to work with to make the 10th annual  Social Media Camp in 2019 our most exciting, dynamic and valuable even ever. Key takeaways for us are:

  • A definitive set of content streams specific to; non-profit organizations, government, novice users, marketers, and more. We are doing in-depth research designed to deliver a rich, robust and valuable program for 2019.
  • Even more diversity of speakers, workshops and subject matter (and NO selling from the stage). We do our best to enforce that. 
  • Better and more visible description of sessions on the website, in the program and on the mobile app.
  • More advanced sessions.

In case you haven’t heard yet, we are excited to announce that our keynote speaker for the 10th annual Social Media Camp in 2019 is best selling author and President of UnMarketing, Scott Stratten.

Super early bird tickets are now on sale!

Producing a successful conference every year for nine years requires the help and support of a lot of very talented people; staff, contractors and volunteers, not to mention the attendees and sponsors – thank you!

Check out a few photos from this year’s event.

If you have any more feedback or speaker suggestions please leave it in the comments section below.



Chris Burdge

Chris is the co-founder of Social Media Camp. In 2009 Chris founded bWEST Interactive, an online marketing firm focused on helping companies grow their business via strategic online marketing. In 2015 Chris founded SOHO Summit a series of 1-day conferences across British Columbia, for small business owners, entrepreneurs to connect, explore, network and do business.

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