The New Era Of Facebook Advertising ...And What It Means To Social Media Directors

Do you want to see how Online Marketers are using Facebook to generate HIGHLY targeted leads without wasting time managing Facebook Pages

The Secret: welcome, Facebook Advertising

The only super-simplified advertising platform made for small businesses to manage themselves. Unlike other Pay-Per-Click platforms such as Google AdWords, Facebook Adverts does not require an in-depth knowledge of technology or marketing to understand how to use it.

“Facebook has built it’s platform to make it easy for small businesses to use. You don’t need to hire an agency. Some of the most effective Facebook Advertising campaigns can be set up within 3 or 4 clicks, it’s really that simple!” – Matt Astifan, Founder of Web Friendly

In his presentation Matt Astifan from Web Friendly guides you through a proven system to get fans, engage customers and track your Return On Investment (ROI) all by using Facebook Advertising.

In this presentation you will discover how to:

Design A Facebook Ads Campaign

  • Ads To Get Fans

  • Ads To Get Engagement

  • Ads To Get Leads/Sales

Grow Your Network

  • Create Ad Sets

  • Design “Like” Ads

  • Target Your Audience

Engage Your Network

  • Create Your Content Calendar

  • Design “Page Post” Ads

  • Target Your Fans Only

Get New Leads & Sales

  • Create A Conversion Tracking Pixel

  • Design “NewsFeed” Ads

  • Optimize Ad Performance

Matt Astifan

Founder of Web Friendly

Matt Astifan focuses on demystifying social media for businesspeople. He gives regular workshops on how to use social media effectively to build brand exposure and sales, through his training company Web Friendly. A veteran Vancouver-based entrepreneur, Matt concentrates on serving his local business community through his Internet Masterminds Meetup weekly events. He has also been quoted regularly in the press as the author of the renowned Social Media Director (SMD) certification program.

Bryan Dwyer

Bryan is a fourth-year marketing student in Victoria, BC. Concurrent with his education, he has had the opportunity to work with and learn from a local advertising agency and an online marketing consultant; and along with his studies and Community Manager responsibilities here at Social Media Camp, he is currently working as a consultant with the gift marketing platform Kiind. He has developed a passion for effective strategy, a fascination with new ideas, and a dependence on good coffee.

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