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Video Blogging – Just Do It!

Video Blogging – Just Do It! When you want to do Video Blogging, the first step is the hardest! It can be intimidating to step in front of the camera, but it’s so worth it. Sometimes when a thing seems hard, it is the best thing for you to do. Inspired by Peggy Richardson’s recent first blog […]

Customer Service Training Tips – Don’ts

Social Media in Customer Service is a great topic! It has a length and a breadth most folks are unaware of. It points outwards to your current and potential client base, and also inwards to help serve your internal clients in your company. It is the differentiator that distinguishes your brand. Customer service began in […]

Customer Service Training Tips – Do’s

Customer Service can make or break a company. The success of Zappos or Amazon is very much driven by great service. So why does it so often seem an afterthought for others? One thing’s for sure, Social Media is a #gamechanger by spotlighting customer service #fails. This post shares some tips to help improve your […]

Can Social Media Save Customer Service?

What is the ‘Art of Customer Service’ and can Social Media save it? Rather than a Wikipedia definition, I developed my own while studying Customer Service at Royal Roads University: “The brand-client-server interactions that leave you feeling good or bad, before, during and after a commercial transaction.” – Mark McLaughlin Customer service is an art […]

Finally, You’re a Social Media Community Manager! Now what? Pt.2

Last time we spoke about the definition, roles and content creation tasks that a Social Media Community Manager may be responsible for.  Community managers are the social media voices of their brands, fulfilling multiple roles including social media strategists, customer service managers, content creators, product managers and evangelists. They often must address the task of […]