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How Quickly do you Respond to Customers?

One issue we’re currently working on here at Thrifty Foods is the response times to our customers when they reach out to us on social media. It’s been on our radar for some time to integrate our customer care division with our social media team. Issues we continue to discuss and consider moving forward are: […]

Content: Don’t Just Sell – Mix it UP

If you work daily in social media – you’re probably always thinking: “what should I talk about – and how – without constantly sounding like I am selling my product?”. On your company’s Facebook or Twitter (or any other social media platform), what DO you talk about?  It’s a good idea to stay within your […]

Nerd Alert: Reporting about Reports

I’m not being paid to say this – I promise – but I have fallen in love with web and social media reports.  Looking at what worked, how many clicks a photo or piece of content received, how many people shared something we posted.  Specifically, the reports that are generated by Sprout Social have made […]

Are you a Facebook Rule Breaker?

Facebook has a lot of rules if you’re running a page…and just about every page out there is breaking them.  After reading this great blog post about what Facebook should be doing to improve the platform for brands, it got me thinking about how we run our page at Thrifty Foods.  Is it worth following […]

A Happy Moment that Started on Twitter

Stories about social media screw ups and mistakes often get shared and giggled at, so to counter all of the war stories, here’s an example of social media success, a tale of a fun moment we had a few weeks ago. Do you know what a Feijoa is?  I can say for certain that I […]

Using Social Media in a Recall

If you’ve been following these posts I’ve shared, I recently posted the story about working through the public outcry when we brought back plastic bags to some of our stores.  A similar, but in many ways different, example of this was the XL beef recall last September. If the early days of our foray into […]