But Do They REALLY Like You

Recently, a friend asked me “why does this person’s Facebook page have 80,000 ‘Likes’, but he has only a couple of dozen views of his posts and even fewer comments?”

Looking at the page and the post, it wasn’t hard to understand why. You see, there is a very big difference between people who actually like your page and people who click the ‘Like’ button on your page.

There are dozens of tools out there that allow you to get more followers on Twitter and Facebook, but that rarely translates into any guarantee that people are actually going to see your content, especially if your content is like this person’s; long, rambling and focused on “buy my stuff”. Even when he was replying to comments on his posts, it was just more of “buy my stuff”.

Successful Social Media is being able to tap into the “Social” aspect of it, meaning that you are using the people that are following you to share what you are posting and by engaging the comments left with a more meaningful conversations than just pushing a specific message.

The content on your page needs to be beyond what the page is about. Sharing some humour, related articles, industry info, community events, etc., is what is going to be interesting to people who visit the page or receive notifications about new posts to your page. There is no Magic Formula to the mix and following one you find may not always work for your particular business or organization.

Simple Tips to Gain Followers:

  • Post regularly to your page, to keep it active.
  • Share your content with well-known local connectors, who have strong followings.
  • Share (non-competitive) content from other pages on yours and share about your community.

This will make you more “likeable”.

Sean Smith

Sean is Managing Partner in ThatSocialMediaGuy.com, a Social Media consulting company based in Campbell River, BC. Sean has almost 20 years of experience in the IT industry, from a HelpDesk Manager to business owner. Sean has been active on Social Media platforms, since joining LinkedIn in 2005. Since then he has consulted on the development of Social Media strategies for a wide variety of businesses, from retail to tourism, instructed at workshops, been a guest and keynote speaker at various conferences, has been working as the tech/start-up author for Steamfeed.com and has recently become the Editor of the Social Media Camp Blog.

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