Social Media Camp Coaches – 2019

Imagine a tour guide, teacher, mentor, geek-speak translator and Social Media professional attuned to your industry or sector, all rolled into one. Imagine someone that listens to your goals, before you even get to the Camp, and then points out all the best sessions for you to attend, so you can target those goals. Imagine a person that you can connect with after a session, to help clarify things that you might not fully understand. Imagine someone that is connected to the best and the brightest in the Social Media world, who can connect you with all the resources you need to get better at using and leveraging Social Media.

THAT is an #SMCamp Coach.

The Social Media Camp team is thrilled to be offering this unique feature again in 2019. This year we have professionals that cover a wide variety of sectors and industries, with a broad range of specialties to choose from.

How do I sign up?

First, if you already registered, check your ticket for Social Media Camp – you may have already signed up. New this year, right from the first day of ticket sales, there has been an option to sign up for coaching right on the ticket page. If you didn’t select the option when you bought your ticket, don’t fret – you can go sign up for it separately, and at no extra charge. Simply e-mail us at before April 15th.

The 2018 Coaching Roster

Vicki McLeod

Mainstreet Communications Ltd.

Vicki is our head coach this year. Vicki McLeod is an award-winning entrepreneur, a TEDx speaker and the author of #Untrending: A Field Guide To Social Media That Matters, How to Post, Tweet, and Like Your Way to a More Meaningful Life. She blogs at, and writes a bi-monthly newspaper column on digital lifestyle and social media. She produces a tiny quarterly magazine called Pause. Vicki is a credentialed business and personal coach and is a founder of The Social Chicks.

Vicki specializes in strategic communications, training, marketing and branding and has worked with more than 300 businesses or agencies province-wide to increase brand reach online and off. Shortlisted as one of the Top 5 Online Marketers in BC in 2013, in 2014 she was nominated as a Canadian Woman Entrepreneur of the Year and honoured with the Business Leader of the Year award in her home community of Maple Ridge B.C.

Angela Crocker

Angela Crocker & Associates

Angela Crocker has been described as a pioneer of ethical social media, a business savvy digital goddess and an information organizing superhero. She’s also been called the Ann Landers of the online world, making sense of the sometimes confusing and perilous digital domain. A thought leader on online communities, digital decluttering, education technology, and content planning, Angela works as an author, speaker and instructor to help individuals and businesses navigate the issues, challenges and joys of living a digital life. She is the author of The Content Planner (2017) and Declutter Your Data (2018). Connect with Angela at

Cadi Jordan, Jordan Consulting

Cadi Jordan

Chief Creative Officer
Jordan Consulting

Cadi Jordan is a respected social media & marketing strategist internationally. With close to 20 years in this area her forte is in training, coaching and online management in the the spa, health and eco beauty sectors. Cadi is also a columnist at BC Living, Healing Lifestyles & Spas and Spa Inc Magazine.


JUHLi SELBy Social Media

JUHLi is an award winning marketing and technology instructor who has educated hundreds of professionals and small business owners on how to use social media tools effectively to build relationships online that will lead to sales. She’s the founder of JUHLi SELBy Social Media, a training company based in Victoria BC, that offers private lessons & public workshops in Victoria, and remote, virtual training for Canada & the US. She’s also a social media marketing instructor at Camosun College, where she has been teaching social media marketing for business courses for the past four years.

Deidre Tansey

Social Enagagement Architect & Wizard
Ampersand Social Media

A social engagement architect and the owner of Ampersand Social Media, Deidre works with energetic entrepreneurs of small to mid-sized businesses who are ready to ramp up their reputation, expand their audience and increase their customer base by getting in on the social conversation. While others may chase conversion formulas, Deidre creates conversations and connections to increase your referrals and repeat customers who champion your brand. Deidre is a mother of six (yep six) awesome humans & caretaker to several animals, the creator of the lifestyle blog: “Just a Pinch of Ginger” holds two degrees in education and marketing and has owned and operated three other highly successful and creative businesses.

Deidre understands entrepreneurs because she’s been one her entire life. What makes her invaluable to those who work with her is her innate understanding of what it means to BE a business and her commitment to creating effective strategies with strong social media architecture. Creator of the Soulful Social Media online course, your prescription for social that matters.
She hangs out on her laptop praying the wifi is solid or dancing in her sunny kitchen to pretty much anything from the ’80 or ’90’s!

Sean Charles

Social Media Sean

You don’t need tights and a cape to be a superhero… at least not in the business world. What you do need, is a secret weapon. That secret weapon? Well, that’s where SMS comes in. Sean Charles is a social media virtuoso and founder of Social Media Sean. Sean lives and breathes social media and he makes it his business to effectively and purposefully maximize your business and marketing efforts. He has nearly a decade of experience under his belt as a professional community manager, creating, executing, and managing a dizzying scope of social media campaigns for businesses just like yours. With 20+ years of driving profit and building creative culture, SMS has surged to the forefront of the digital marketing world, leading and managing campaigns in various industries, including technology, hospitality, e-commerce, retail, software, fitness, mobile applications, HR, and so many more. His specialty is educating others how to be professional content marketers and community managers – giving you the knowledge to implement best practices and tools for managing multiple social accounts across various platforms. Commit, Create, Connect – and be a business hero in your own right!

Bosco Anthony

Digital Strategist
Bosco Anthony Empowering Digital Brands

Bosco Anthony is a digital marketing strategist and storyteller. Bosco loves to share his insights on social media, context marketing, integrated marketing solutions. His background in the corporate sector provides great wisdom on thought leadership, business growth and critical thinking ideology. Bosco spends much time on research, trends and is an idea rebel at heart. Bosco is recognized for his mentorship, entrepreneur spirit and passion for strategy. Bosco drives innovation through his creativity, leadership and drive. Bosco thrives in a collaborative playground and is known for being an influence to the business and digital community on a local and international scale.