Social Media Camp Coaches

Imagine a tour guide, teacher, mentor, geek-speak translator and Social Media professional attuned to your industry or sector, all rolled into one. Imagine someone that listens to your goals, before you even get to the Camp, and then points out all the best sessions for you to attend, so you can target those goals. Imagine a person that you can connect with after a session, to help clarify things that you might not fully understand. Imagine someone that is connected to the best and the brightest in the Social Media world, who can connect you with all the resources you need to get better at using and leveraging Social Media.

THAT is an #SMCamp Coach.

The Social Media Camp team is thrilled to be offering this unique feature again in 2019. This year we have professionals that cover a wide variety of sectors and industries, with a broad range of specialties to choose from.

How do I sign up?

First, if you already registered, check your ticket for Social Media Camp – you may have already signed up. Right from the first day of ticket sales, there has been an option to sign up for coaching right on the ticket page. If you didn’t select the option when you bought your ticket, don’t fret – you can go sign up for it separately, and at no extra charge. Simply e-mail us at

Space is limited. So don’t delay!

The 2019 Coaching Roster

Sean Smith

Social Media Educator

A Canadian Armed Forces Reserves (CIC) Officer and Canadian Army Veteran with over 20 years of experience in the world of IT and Social Media, is a Freelance Social Media Educator and Social Media Camp Head Coach for for 2019. Sean is also a Public Speaker, advocate for Social Media Education in our schools, and have frequently be called for comment on Social Media issues, on CTV, CHEK News, CKNW and CFAX.

As a Social Media Educator, Sean is passionate about educating people on the effective and safe use of Social Media as a tool for learning, marketing, fundraising, community growth, and development. He is also a passionate advocate in supporting those who have faced bullying, cyber-bullying, Veteran, and mental health issues.

Vicki McLeod

Founder & President
Main Street Communications Ltd.

For more than two decades Vicki has worked extensively with the arts, education, government, business, and skilled trades sectors to create and sustain meaningful communications, marketing, and engagement strategies. She is the president of Main Street Communications Ltd, an award-winning consultancy, a TEDx speaker and the co-author of Digital Legacy Plan, A Guide to the Personal and Practical Elements of Your Digital Life Before Death (Self-Counsel Press 2019) and the author of #Untrending: A Field Guide To Social Media That Matters, How to Post, Tweet, and Like Your Way to a More Meaningful Life (First Choice 2016). She writes a bimonthly newspaper column on digital trends and lifestyle and is an advocate for everyday happiness, mindfulness, and living a passionate and engaged life.

Angela Crocker

Angela Crocker & Associates

Angela Crocker, MEd, has been described as a pioneer of ethical social media, a business savvy digital goddess and an information organizing superhero. She’s also been called the Ann Landers of the online world, making sense of the sometimes confusing and perilous digital domain. A thought leader on digital life skills, Angela works as an author, speaker and instructor to help individuals and businesses navigate the issues, challenges and joys of living a digital life. From building online communities to digital decluttering; education technology to digital legacy, Angela’s reality-based wisdom is much sought after. She is the author of five books include The Content Planner (2017), Declutter Your Data (2018) and Digital Legacy Plan (2019) and a School of Business faculty member at British Columbia Institute of Technology (BCIT) in Vancouver. Learn more at

Niki Campbell

Light Your Fire

Niki has been designing + building websites professionally since 1998, with a specialty in website strategy and WordPress for the past six years. She is passionate about empowering people to understand that these digital platforms are simply incredible tools that allow you to build meaningful relationships and communicate all that you have to offer. She has pulled countless clients out of the digital quagmire that they find themselves in, and puts them on a path of clarity.

Niki teaches WordPress & Illustrator at Camosun College, Global Digital Communications at Royal Roads University, and she has developed an e-course for Uvic Gustavson business students to guide them through building an impactful “personal branded” website.

Kim Plumley

Publicity Mavens

Kimberly Plumley’s diverse background in communications and arts publicity and social media outreach has made her one of Canada’s best-known publicists. Prior to founding Publicity Mavens, she worked in market research, advertising, radio, television, and other media. She was an assistant publicist for a Vancouver PR firm and later worked as the senior publicist for a large publishing house setting up regional and national media campaigns.

Learning at the feet of one of Vancouver’s best publicists, Kimberly used her infamous sense of humour to connect with clients and have a lot of fun. She currently works with a network of industry professionals across Canada and continues to be a favourite of producers and reporters alike.

She has incorporated her communications skills into the land of social media. She has been part of Victoria’s Social Media Camp since the first year – and was the Podcast Tent interviewer and did interviews in the Hotel Zed VW Van as well. She has worked with a variety of clients for their social media needs since 2008 – she worked with CBC Radio on a Mother’s Day “Twitter Giver” contest, works on content for a variety of platforms – and as Spinny Broad she is hired to be on site at events to do interviews for the guest artists, sponsors, volunteers and more. Kim creates content that is pertinent, interesting, fun and supports the marketing team. Kim Proudly works with musicians, authors and for special events.

Sean Charles

Social Media Sean

You don’t need tights and a cape to be a superhero… at least not in the business world. What you do need, is a secret weapon. That secret weapon? Well, that’s where SMS comes in. Sean Charles is a social media virtuoso and founder of Social Media Sean. Sean lives and breathes social media and he makes it his business to effectively and purposefully maximize your business and marketing efforts. He has nearly a decade of experience under his belt as a professional community manager, creating, executing, and managing a dizzying scope of social media campaigns for businesses just like yours. With 20+ years of driving profit and building creative culture, SMS has surged to the forefront of the digital marketing world, leading and managing campaigns in various industries, including technology, hospitality, e-commerce, retail, software, fitness, mobile applications, HR, and so many more. His specialty is educating others how to be professional content marketers and community managers – giving you the knowledge to implement best practices and tools for managing multiple social accounts across various platforms. Commit, Create, Connect – and be a business hero in your own right!