Customer Service Training Tips – Don’ts

Social Media in Customer Service is a great topic! It has a length and a breadth most folks are unaware of. It points outwards to your current and potential client base, and also inwards to help serve your internal clients in your company.

It is the differentiator that distinguishes your brand.

Customer service began in the face to face world.  Its useful to understand that connection as it seeks it’s fuller potential and complement via Social Media. I believe Social is leading the way in raising the bar for #custserv standards and awareness.

Social customer service can play a critical role in customer retention. We know it costs far less to keep a client than to find a new one.

Last time we shared some tips for social customer service training do’s. In this post we share some tips for customer service don’ts.

“Without customer service, you are simply a commodity to your customers” – Connie Siu 

Online and IRL – Customer Service Don’ts

“It’s just as important to know what to do right as it is what to do wrong in customer service.” #yyjchat @RussLOL

  • Don’t ever hit send when you’re emotional!
  • Don’t begin the conversation by telling them what you CAN’T do. Always tell your customer what you CAN do for them.   Avoid  …  “It’s not our policy”  or, “You are not allowed to…
  • Do not interrupt a client or interject until they  have finished having their say. Online, in person or on the phone, allow irate customers to vent. Do not be quick to cut them off with the idea of defending yourself or your company. Do seek to take the issue off-line to private channels. Do post resolution updates when the issue is solved.
  • Lose the reflex habit of typing or saying the word “Sorry”. It sets the wrong tone. Words to avoid: sorry, never, if, but, should, and policy. Rather, acknowledge that you’re sympathetic to what they’re experiencing and you are reaching out to assist. (source)
  • In Social, you can’t ignore complaints. You must address them. Ignoring a complaint is like failing to make eye contact IRL. It’s like if you were in a store when staff are talking to a co-worker and flat out ignoring that you even exist. Social gives power back to ignored customers.

The more you learn about customer service, the more you realize how vast the subject is and how intimately it effects our business. We just need to pay attention to it. When you consciously look for it and analyse it,  you’ll quickly see the great benefits a focus on customer service can deliver.

Thanks to Social Media, I think customer service is getting on the radar now.

Do you think great Customer Service is hard to deliver? Have you or anyone you know actually been trained in it? How are you using it in your business and your Social Media?

Resources: #yyjchat on Customer Service   Brenda Robinson

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