Pump Up the Video – Do You YouTube? Pt 2

Last post we talked about how to Pump Up the Video in Your Social Media by using the power of YouTube, which is owned by Google and is the world’s second biggest search engine in its own right.

We mentioned how YouTube serves your video content, maintains stats and supports channel subscription, all for free! So you’ve opened a YouTube account, created and uploaded your custom background image to brand your account, and are ready to click the upload button located top right of your YouTube page to load your first video.

Today we’ll go forward from that point and look at naming, descriptions, tagging, sharing and embedding.


Make sure your video title includes a strong keyword, one that it is relevant to your content. Include several strong keywords in your video description to give a good indication of the content and quality. You can include language to encourage people to watch, and be sure to add a link to your website.

Choose descriptive keywords for tagging your video. These help identify your content for the search engines. After you’ve successfully uploaded and played your YouTube video, it’s time to share and/or embed that resource into other websites as well.


Click the share button in top right of the video play window.  This opens a small window that displays a short URL for the video. To the right are buttons to let you email that link, or share it on many other Social Media Channels like Twitter, Facebook, Google+ etc. You should also copy and save the link for ongoing use in your promotional campaign.


You can also see the embed button in that window. Clicking it reveals more options for embedding your YouTube video. You can choose various sizes for display eg 420 x 315 pixels, or set some reasonable ones of your own. See examples of embedded videos in my blog posts at bestcolorvideo.com. Once you choose a size the embed code updates and you can then cut and paste the code snippet that appears.

When you embed that code snippet into your WordPress site for instance, it will display and play your video file from the YouTube servers. WordPress or other 3rd party plugins can offer a quicker but more generic presentation format via video and still photo galleries of many types.

Click the more info button, top right in the player window, to show the description you created for that file. Make sure it’s keyword rich and makes your video sound appealing! You can edit that text at any time to add more or better text content.

YouTube is a huge subject. Next time we’ll talk about marketing and promoting your YouTube videos, and look at some monetization strategies.

Check back again soon for more tips on how to Pump Up the Video! And don’t be shy, share, Tweet and leave comments below to help drive the Social Media train.

Mark McLaughlin

Victoria Businessman Owner Best Color Video Services Mark lives with his family in Victoria BC. where he is a presenter and a service provider in the Social Media space through his company Best Color Video. Using video production, website design, and Social Media campaigns, Mark creates content and guides brand engagement for a wide range of clients. Passionate about Social Media, Mark was thrilled to be a presenter at Social Media Camp 2012, speaking on the HootSuite Social Media Dashboard.

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