Pump Up the Video – Do You YouTube?

We’re talking today about how to ‘Pump Up the Video’ in your social media by leveraging the strength of video and YouTube for WordPress and other websites. YouTube has wide value and appeal, and it’s free. Are you using it yet?

Google owns YouTube making it part of the Googleplex, and that’s critically important to remember because Google ranks YouTube videos, your videos, highly in its SERPs – Search Engine Return Pages, so your content has a better chance for visibility.

YouTube is also the second biggest search engine after Google itself, with many people typing search terms directly into the YouTube search bar; why wouldn’t you want to be present there?

Further, YouTube pays the hosting and bandwidth fees to serve your video content, maintains tracking stats so you can monitor number of views, and allows people to comment and subscribe to your channel to get notices of updates. Pretty appealing!

Formatting and Editing

YouTube supports the following video file formats for upload, which you can deliver from your pro cams, flipcams, digital still cameras, camera enabled cellphones, or files from your desktop: .wmv .flv .mov (Mac). Cards are often .mpeg4

Files from MiniDV digital tape usually appear as .avi, which are ‘fat’ files. I’d recommend converting these to one of the previous formats in this list to ‘slim them down’ in file size using a free product like Windows Media Encoder, or AVS Video Converter ($60).

If you’re uploading already, what file format are you using?

If you edit your videos before uploading to YouTube, you can use many different types of software: Adobe Premiere Pro and Final Cut Pro are at the $500 plus mark – they offer similar functionality.

Economy solutions around $99 might be Premiere Elements, Final Cut X, Sony Vegas Video and iMovie. People also use screen-casting apps like SnagIt and Camtasia to record their computer screen and create video communications without a camera!

Free basic apps include Windows Movie Maker and Windows Live Movie Maker for Win7.

What video editing software are you using currently?

How to Create your YouTube Channel:

If you have a Gmail account, you can access YouTube from the top horizontal black bar. Some elements of your Gmail profile will come across with you. You establish your channel by uploading videos using the upload link near top right of the YouTube page.

Use the settings link to choose an appropriate name for your channel. Think about this first, choose parameters and add descriptive text to ‘brand’ your channel to reflect your business name, or cause or topic.

Create your custom background in Photoshop or other graphics app and upload your background image to further ‘brand’ your YouTube channel page. Your YouTube background .jpeg image size should be around 1260×1600 pixels. Find more detail on the YouTube FAQs and info pages on their site. Upload more videos. Add descriptive text to enable people to find your videos via search.

Now you can share your YouTube video links via email or Twitter. Click the share button beneath the video and a short link will appear. Cut, paste and share as needed.

Even more useful is to EMBED your videos in your company website, and/or place them on other website channels. I’ll cover that phase in my next post, as well as sharing more SEO, marketing, and monetization strategies.

Check back again soon for more tips on how to Pump Up the Video! And don’t be shy, share, Tweet and leave comments below to help drive the social media train.

Aside: I’ll be presenting on WordPress and YouTube video at WordCamp Victoria, January 12th, 2013 held at the University of Victoria. 

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