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Pump Up the Video in Your Social Media

I’m so thrilled to be writing this blog post series for Social Media Camp 2013 and to share ways we can pump up the Video in your Social Media.

I’m excited by the chance to connect and share with you my passion for video and all that it brings to Social. Please make sure to comment! We want to hear what you are interested in, what questions and observations you’ll be able to share with us all.

Video in Social MediaVideo is so important to Social Media success. It draws clicks and interest better than links to documents or text based webpages or even photos. Google owns YouTube and incorporates YouTube videos strongly into its search returns (SERPs). You benefit a lot by being on YouTube and we’ll show you how to get there!

Creating videos for Social Media can range from very simple to more complex. We’ll help you find the sweet spot for your skill set and equipment budget. Video production for Social doesn’t have to be hard, and with a bit of basic knowledge you’ll be able to create and post more video files to support your Social Media activities.

What’s the Best Equipment to Use?

So for instance; we’ll be looking at cameras ranging from simple FlipCams to more expensive camera gear, audio solutions and how to best use your microphones, lighting options and tricks, and editing. Which of these most interest you? Let us know in the Comments section below. We’ll also explain how to interview others, and yourself! – and how to create your own YouTube Channel, including uploading and embedding your video files into your own website to create your own Video Blog.

So are you excited yet? Have you got any specific goals in mind to pump up the video in your Social Media? Do you have any specific topics you’d like us to cover? We really need your questions and feedback to make this blog series the best possible. Every question is important. Don’t be shy, Share!

Other topics we’ll cover between now and May include the HootSuite social media administration dashboard and curation strategies using tools like Bundle Post and Sprout Social. Which of these topics interest you most? Please share, tweet, and bookmark this Blog. Lets talk!

With warm regards – Mark McLaughlin

Mark McLaughlin

Victoria Businessman Owner Best Color Video Services Mark lives with his family in Victoria BC. where he is a presenter and a service provider in the Social Media space through his company Best Color Video. Using video production, website design, and Social Media campaigns, Mark creates content and guides brand engagement for a wide range of clients. Passionate about Social Media, Mark was thrilled to be a presenter at Social Media Camp 2012, speaking on the HootSuite Social Media Dashboard.

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9 replies
  1. Murray Kirk
    Murray Kirk says:

    Congratulations on being selected to contribute your expertise, being a novice video buff I look forward to your posts. 

  2. Anonymous
    Anonymous says:

    Thank you for your comment 
    Murray. Did you have any specific areas of interest, or are you open to the full spectrum of topics?

  3. Anonymous
    Anonymous says:

    Another topic we’ll be pursuing in this Blog series is that of Storytelling. Forming the message you want to convey and shaping it into a story using Video. Looking forward to your comments and examples in this area.

  4. Anonymous
    Anonymous says:

    Good questions John! 
    1) Run times from 30-120 seconds are great to allow folks to ‘graze’ your content. Low barrier to entry and if they like it they’ll try another one!
    2) Response shows as page views, video views, downloads, purchases, whatever your call to action pointed towards.
    3) Interactive videos offer more opportunity for engagement. They will become increasingly popular as the technology to support them spreads.

  5. Matthew Elrod
    Matthew Elrod says:

    I’ve always wondered what video file format offers the best bang for the byte.  mp4?  mpeg2 and AVI files are too big for uploading to youtube.  What about .wmv and .mov?  And what about the .mod files that some cameras seem to use natively  Does youtube know how to handle them? Youtube seems to display 480×360 by default. Should one resize videos before uploading them to youtube?

  6. Dre Lavack
    Dre Lavack says:

    Hey Mark, I can definitely see the writing on the wall regarding video content… (or should I have said the picture on the wall?!)  I am starting to coach my clients to get on the bandwagon and take advantage of video because it has way more entertainment value.  It’s more engaging than text or images.

    Any ideas on ways to get a video to go viral?  I see some of the most ridiculous things on YouTube with millions of views!  Makes me shake my head sometimes, but some videos I’ve seen with really valuable content have a hard time getting thousands, or even hundreds of views when they really merit so much more. 

    What makes a video viral material?

  7. Anonymous
    Anonymous says:

    Thanks Dre’ – I’m planning an upcoming Post on the topic of Viral Video, what elements contribute to virality, so stay tuned for that one! Two critical elements the video must contain are: 1) Hits emotional button  2) Quirkiness or unexpectedness.  More later…

  8. Anonymous
    Anonymous says:

    Hey Matthew, you’re right the forest of different video formats gets challenging quickly. Currently lots of content is uploaded as .mp4, as well as in the .wmv  – Windows Movie Video format, and .mov. These work well. You don’t really need (or want) to resize YouTube uploads, YouTube takes care of that. 

    RE the .mod files which appear in tapeless camcorders, they can be a bit of bother. My reading suggests that the MOD  format does not allow recording progressive-scan video, neither at “film” rates (24, 25, 30 frames/s) nor at “reality” rates (50, 60 frames/s). This limitation can make the MOD format suboptimal for online video viewing, because most video hosting websites stream progressive-scan video.

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