Social Media can inundate you with information and different platform use.

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Are you on Twitter, Facebook, Reddit, Digg, About Me, Linked In and the countless other platforms that are out there in the so-called Interwebs? I find that I’m often asked, “What should I do and where should I be?” My answer to this question is going to vary in a case by case situation, but normally I will respond noting that your online presence is up to you. You need to decide where you will spend your time and energy and for what purposes.

One of the many things that I learned at Social Media Camp Victoria is that social media is about sharing information and building networks. I am not trying to sell anything or to market my business. I’m an educator and view my presence as one of networking, learning, and sharing information, but I am not selling widgets. I have also learned that I do not want to use every single platform.

This Spring I broke up with Foursquare after a very complicated, one-sided, and obsessive relationship. Ultimately, I found that the application was getting lots of information about and from me and I had stopped getting any discounts or benefits from my check-ins.

As an educator, the sharing of information and networks has proved immensely helpful to me and my students. I can get information from colleagues via different platforms and share new research and news faster than I could some five years ago. In the same way, I have found that the workshops at Social Media Camp also help me travel through the social media morass and figure out what I need.

I have had many opportunities to give talks about social media use on campus and in the community. And, I view this as sharing what I’ve learned via the Social Media Camp Victoria workshops and my application of the information.

Janni Aragon

Dr. Janni Aragon (BA Women’s Studies, San Diego State; MA Liberal Arts and Sciences, San Diego State; MA Political Science, University of California; PhD Political Science, University of California) is a Political Scientist in the Department of Political Science at the University of Victoria. Previously she taught Political Science or Women’s Studies at three universities or colleges in Southern California. She regularly comments on issues related to social media and politics, feminism and gender, and American politics.

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