Social Media Predictions for 2013

It’s a New Year, and with the many predictions for the end of the world proving false, we’d thought we’d make some new predictions of our own for 2013 – although, admittedly they are less doom-and-gloom in nature. We asked our contributors to peer into their crystal balls and let us know what future they see through the fog of foresight.

Below, five Social Media Camp contributors share what they see coming.  We’d also love for you to share your own social media predictions for 2013. Leave your forecasts in the comment section, and let us know what the future may hold.


The ‘Year of ROI’

Will Fraser – The ‘Year of the Like’ is over and the ‘Year of ROI’ is ringing in the new year. Organizations will continue to look for measurable results from social media and accept hard-to-value metrics such as ‘Likes’ less and less. Tools that provide measurable results will be on the top of social marketer’s lists. Business’ social goals will become better defined and understood when they are achieved.

Social Media Dashboards

Mark McLaughlin – Users will increase the use of Social Media administration dashboards to help organize social communications. From Twitter to Facebook and beyond, management tools from Hootsuite, Sprout  Social, Bundle Post, and others appear regularly. As the volume of Social Media traffic rises, using these tools will become increasingly important.

Shifting Away From Search Ranking Metrics

Sean Enns – Search engines will start to downplay the concept of general search engine rankings as a metric for success. The conversation will turn to the overall number of visits from search engines as the metric to follow – which is really more natural if you think about it. Social visits and visits from mobile devices represent huge opportunities for traffic that don’t come from a top ten ranking. There’s already a lot of discussion about this, people moving this way, but search engines have yet to discuss it openly, so look for a nod from the Google leadership team in 2013.

Rebel Mouse

 Michelle Murray – Rebel Mouse will become a focal format for brands and growth. It has combined elements of Pinterest, About Me and Tumblr.  It’s a clean platform where users can put all their information in one place. With the ability to comment and view analytics, you can observe how your content is being shared and viewed.

Blogging for Kindle

Peggy Richardson – My prediction is that as feed technologies become smoother and simplified, more blogs will get the attention they deserve, but on eReader devices. Now is the time to publish your blog for Kindle!


A ‘Responsive’ Year

Co-Founder, Social Media Camp
Chris Burdge – 2013 will be the year of the mobile device. Almost everyone has one already but precious few businesses are prepared to greet, much less service, their mobile customer. It’s time to have a ‘responsive‘ version of your website produced so smart phone and tablet users can navigate your site. Check your stats – at least 5% of your traffic is already coming from mobile devices (more depending on your business). That number will double this year. Don’t let your non-responsive website drive customers to your competitor.

Have your own social media predictions for 2013?

You – See something different coming? Share with us what you think next year holds. Do our contributors have it right? Or is there an elephant entering the room that needs mentioning?

Let us know in the comments.

Bryan Dwyer

Bryan is a fourth-year marketing student in Victoria, BC. Concurrent with his education, he has had the opportunity to work with and learn from a local advertising agency and an online marketing consultant; and along with his studies and Community Manager responsibilities here at Social Media Camp, he is currently working as a consultant with the gift marketing platform Kiind. He has developed a passion for effective strategy, a fascination with new ideas, and a dependence on good coffee.

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