Panel Discussion

Social Media roared into the C-suite several years ago but, just as there is a great range of leadership styles, there is also a great range in the way that leaders use social media.  In this seminar Host, Heather Ferguson of Whale Content Studio talks to Kyle Vucko, CEO of Indochino and Tonie Chaltas, Chief Operating Officer of H&K Strategies to get the insiders view of social media and the ways it is used in the C-Suite today.  We’ll also look at the first 100 days and talk about how social media can help a new CEO win friends and influence others.

Sage Baker 2013

Sage Baker

Sage Baker is the founder of the Prosperity Pollinator movement to help bring impact based companies into the areas that need them the most and is also the founder of Q5 Innovations Inc, a company with an innovative business model for technology advancement & commercialization.  Most recently Sage has also taken on responsibility for leading the City of Victoria’s economic development to help grow sustainable prosperity in the region.


Tonie Chaltas

As ‎a seasoned communications professional with 25 years of experience, Tonie provides counsel to clients from the public, private and non-profit sectors. Her areas of focus include change management, internal communications, corporate reputation, stakeholder relations and government relations. As Chief Operating Officer, Tonie is responsible for human resources, legal, information technology and the leaders who direct the firm’s national practices and services.


Kyle Vucko

Kyle Vucko is the CEO and Co-Founder of Indochino. When Co-Founder Heikal Gani shared the story of his struggle to find a suit, Kyle recognized the potential to shake up the men’s online fashion world. He saw a missed opportunity in the space – delivering men’s custom apparel cost-effectively – and built a vertically integrated company to solve it. Today Indochino is the world leader in custom online menswear, with over 120,000 customers in 130 countries.

heatherHeather Ferguson

Heather Ferguson is the founder of Whale Communications Ltd.  At Social Media Camp she will formally launch Whale Content Studio, built on the success of her web series Sonar Moment, now running on ShawTV as well as iTunes and preparing for a second season.  As principal consultant for Whale Content Studio, she and her team provide quality content for business web and social sites as well as curating the Whale Content Network featuring a trove of great writing, rich video and podcasts from around the world, as well as Whale’s own work and client work.  Heather has more than 20 years in communications having worked as a journalist and public relations specialist, as well as having run a national charity.