Speaker Spotlight – Tara Hunt

When I got the email, I have to admit, I was a little giddy. “Tara Hunt will be a Keynote for SMCamp 2016”. COOL!

I have followed Tara Hunt for some time. Hard not to. She has one of the top 5% of followings on Twitter, over 110,000 on connections LinkedIn and has worked on projects ranging from San Francisco start-ups to Prime Minister Justin Trudeau’s 2013 Liberal Party Leadership campaign. She was even one of the first authors to publish a book on how Social Web was changing business (The Whuffie Factor, 2009). It was, however, a video she posted in October 2015 that really grabbed my attention. “I was Fired…Now What?” was an honest look at the “WTH?” tarahunt_profilemoment of being an experienced professional that is suddenly let go because of the economy. It was engaging and inspiring and I shared with a LOT of people I know. “You are not alone”, I would say. “It can happen to anyone. Watch this and get inspired to get out there, again, in a different way!”. I even started using the video in the classes that I teach in High Schools. So, yeah, I’m a fan.

Rebooting Tara

I recently got a chance to speak to Tara via Skype and I had to ask; “What’s been going on, since the video?”

“The traffic on the video was amazing. So many people I know showed great support and I had so many offers from various companies, to come and work for them. Over time, however, the views and the offers started to slow down, but I found myself spending less time ‘looking’ for work and more time actually working, so that is what I am doing. Consulting with companies that actually want to be better with their Social.”

There is no doubt that Tara is an entrepreneur at heart. Most of her working career has been in the digital space and much of her best work has been helping other companies and people get a better grip on their Social. “I am all about the Relationship”, she says. “The relationship I have with my clients. The relationships my clients have with their clients and customers. The relationship those clients and customers have with their brands. Big brands or small companies, it’s all the same. There is no ‘Social’ if there is no relationship”.

D0-It-Yourself Discovery

Video has long been a favourite tool, for Tara, and she has a growing audience for her YouTube Channel “Truly Social with Tara Hunt“. Still, even she can be surprised by what will get traction. “Sometimes you just never know what will grab people’s attention and take off. One of the most viewed videos, on my channel, is my fiancee and I hanging Bouclair Home pre-pasted wallpaper. I’ve never done a DIY video. The lighting was bad. We had never even put up wallpaper, before. Yet, I have over 30,000 views of the video.” Watch out, Mike Holmes!

Good Ole Word-Of-Mouth Marketing

One of the BIG advantages of having a great relationship with your customers or clients, is “Word of Mouth” marketing. In her Social Media Camp 2016 Keynote, “The Truly Real, Un-BS, Secret to Unlocking Word of Mouth”, Tara will be will discussing how word of mouth works, how you can actually help foster it for your business, and unveil the key ingredient to unlocking the super crazy kind of word of mouth that will mean that you’ll be fighting off customers and won’t ever have to pay for an ad again. In a world where organic marketing has taken a backseat to the forced world of paid marketing, this will be one SMCamp Keynote that is NOT to be missed!

Can’t make it to Social Media Camp 2016 in person? Have no fear, the Digital Ticket is here! Sign up to stream her Keynote, as well as all of our other Keynotes and other great speakers!

Sean Smith

Sean is Managing Partner in ThatSocialMediaGuy.com, a Social Media consulting company based in Campbell River, BC. Sean has almost 20 years of experience in the IT industry, from a HelpDesk Manager to business owner. Sean has been active on Social Media platforms, since joining LinkedIn in 2005. Since then he has consulted on the development of Social Media strategies for a wide variety of businesses, from retail to tourism, instructed at workshops, been a guest and keynote speaker at various conferences, has been working as the tech/start-up author for Steamfeed.com and has recently become the Editor of the Social Media Camp Blog.

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