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IMG_3365When Bosco Anthony took the Social Media Camp 2014 stage, for the first time, he basically broke the #SMCamp Twitter stream. His presentation on Digital Storytelling had his audience buzzing and sharing the #boscoanthony hashtag like it was candy on Halloween. His relaxed presence and easy going presentation style had his audience engaged from the moment he started to speak. His content kept them engaged and wanting more.

When I first met Bosco, in the #SMCamp Speakers Lounge, I had the exact same experience. He speaks to you as if he has always known you and he has a genuine interest in you and what you do. If you are in business, he is quick to give you nuggets of knowledge on what you might do to improve your digital footprint in a space that already has some mighty big footprints in it. After all, he is a Digital Strategist. It’s what he does.

Become The Digital Rebel

For Bosco, there is one thing that is clear in everything he talks about and shares; regardless of the platform, regardless of the product, regardless of the company that is pushing the content, there has to be value to the consumer of that digital content, or there really is no point. It seems like a simple point, but it is surprising how many businesses and companies forget that when marketing in the digital space.

In a recent discussion, Bosco and I discussed the world of newspapers, a medium that has been struggling for years against the growing tide of online news, content and advertising. He talked about the need for print media publishers to become “Digital Rebels” in an industry that has often been adverse to change. He suggested that they need to embrace the digital medium and find ways to deliver the content they have to an audience that no longer waits for news to be dropped on their doorstep or purchased at a news stand. At the same time, they cannot forget those that still like the feel and smell of their daily paper, over a morning cup of coffee, even if the news is two or three days old. He sited examples like VanCityBuzz, which had gone from just another community blog, to a trusted local news source. He also talked about The New York Times, who leveraged a well IMG_3392 (1)known brand into digital subscribers that gain access to exclusive content on their digital tablets and smartphones. “Newspapers need to survey their readers to find how THEY (the readers) want to receive THEIR (the newspapers) content. The power is still with them. They have the power to adapt, to embrace and to implement”. He’s right, of course. I, personally, read BC Business Magazine more now, because they have a great digital app for the iPad. Access to content and features that no glossy printed page could ever offer.

TEDx Stanley Park

If you are a speaker, the chance to speak on the TED stage is a goal many strive to attain. To be invited is a validation that you are at the top of your game. What Bosco discovered is it is, by no means, the end game. If anything, it challenges you to be better. The content approval process, the TED rules, the practicing and rehearsals. “This is probably going to be the most challenging and rewarding experience, for me, because I don’t have any props, I don’t have any videos, I don’t have any trending / breaking things…..and I am going with a talk that has nothing to do with Digital”. “This time I am talking about people who are stuck”, he says, “and turning their lives from Average to Epic”. If you miss Bosco on the Social Media Camp stage at the beginning of May, you can catch him on the TEDx Stanley Park stage on May 28th.

Check out my interview with Bosco, as we talk about Digital Storytelling, the future of digital, TEDx Stanley Park and Social Media Camp 2016.

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