The Sweet Sounds of Video – 6 Easy Audio Recording Tips for You

Most amateur videographers make this one big mistake. They don’t pay enough attention to audio recording when shooting video.

Rich clear audio can be the secret sauce that grabs the audience and makes your video stand out!

Use these 6 audio tips to easily improve your Social Media video efforts.

Tip One

Spend as much time and care on the Audio as you do on the video itself. Thats a secret the pro’s use.

  • See if your camera can accept an External microphone. 
  • Amateur gear will use a mini plug connection. Pro gear will accept an XLR feed. 
  • A pro camcorder will also let you switch your audio feed between Mic and Line inputs. (Line input is a feed from a mixing board.)

Tip Two

Use an external microphone.

  • Some popular brands I use are Sennheiser and Sony. 
  • Microphones come in various lengths to suit specific tasks. 
  • I find a ‘short’ and a ‘short shotgun’ length excellant for general use and for interviews.

Lavalier lapel mics are also standard for interviews and controlled studio type situations. Place them up high and be careful they don’t rub on clothing fabric.

Wired vs: wireless microphones. Wireless microphones cost more and are convenient in use. They can have reception issues occasionally. Wired microphones take a bit more time to set up, but they basically always work!

Tip Three

Some microphones draw power from the camcorder. Many higher end microphones use an internal battery. Always check the battery and carry a spare or two.

Tip Four

Use good quality headphones when recording video.

  • It’s very important to monitor both sound levels and sound quality. 
  • You’ll want to know if a passing truck or plane intruded onto the soundtrack. 
  • You need to catch the lapel mic rubbing on the shirt or jacket. 
  • Be alert to gently deter any chest thumpers or pocket change janglers.
  • Beware of ceiling fans, ventilation ducts and other random unwanted sounds.

Tip Five

Use a microphone stand and keep the mic close to your on-camera talent. This gets rid of that hollow sound you get when the mic is too far away. Make sure the mic is not in the shot. If your mic is built into your camcorder, move closer in.

Tip Six

Be sure to check and adjust your sound levels in software during the video editing process.

  • Then in editing you can match audio levels uniformly across the entire finished video. 
  • Software like Adobe Audition can filter and sweeten soundtracks to remove unwanted elements. 
  • But its always better to make the initial recording as high quality as possible.

If you give recording your audio the attention it deserves you will improve your videos immensely!

What are you using to record audio now?


Mark McLaughlin

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