2018 Theme – Restoring Social’s Promise

Social Media has brought us all closer, and made our world a whole lot smaller. This has been a tremendous win for marketers, and Social Media Camp always has a lot of content for marketers!

It came with so much promise – opening channels of communication, building trust and understanding, tearing down walls, and building each other up. We can find thousands of examples of this happening – people meeting, sharing and doing great things with this incredible technology. But there is a darker side to social media, too. People have been able to build silos around themselves, there is information overload leading to stress, addiction, and worse. In 2018, you don’t have to look far to find adults being disrespectful online, threatening and toxic toward each other using the same technology that held so much promise.

Is this the inevitable future of social media, or can we do better?

This year, we’d like to examine the promise of social media, and how we can make this amazing technology work better for everyone. Let’s find and build on the original promise, discuss and discover ways to restore balance in people’s lives, and use this incredible technology to help build a better world.

Social Media Camp examines the larger societal implications of social media, tackling areas such as ethics, behaviour, politics, religion, relationships, and more. This year we’ve made this element the underlying theme.

The Social Media Camp theme for 2018 is Restoring Social’s Promise.