Top Productivity and Marketing Tools Used by Social Media Camp Speakers

Successful social media entrepreneurs and marketers have to be jacks-of-all-trades when it comes to marketing and productivity tools. To help you save time and get more done, we’ve rounded up a few of the top marketing and productivity tools from Social Media Camp 2017 speakers and workshop leaders. 

This list includes some awesome tools to help you master many aspects of a social media marketing campaign. Check out the list and leave us a comment on or tell us about your favourite marketing and productivity tools.  

Here we go…

Viveka von RosenViveka von Rosen

Author – Linked into Business
Internationally known as the “LinkedIn Expert” and is author of 3 best-selling books on LinkedIn.


I started using Nimble because I’m one of those social media “super connectors“ whose network is just way too big. Even with tagging and lists and all the other ways I have of segmenting my audience, I just couldn’t keep up with all my key connections. The Nimble extension will populate a contact from LinkedIn as well as show you the contact’s potential other social profiles. Once you save the person’s profile to Nimble you can tag them, make notes, reach out to them and monitor their social activity.  All for $25 a month!

The Nimble app also does a really good job of helping you to find and engage with my important contacts via the “Engagement Opportunities From Important Contacts” feature on their homepage. I don’t know what algorithm they use, but its freaky accurate!

Nimble will also track your leads, prospects and deals. Tracking is crucial when refining your prospecting funnel so you can see where you are in a deal, what is working and what is not.  You will close more deals more effectively, and not as many Prospects fall through the cracks. 

As LinkedIn continues to limit what we can do on the interface, it makes a lot of sense to move your engagement elsewhere and Nimble is one of the best tools I have found. If you haven’t tried it yet, you should.  Nimble really is not only a vibrant Social CRM, but a one-stop shop for Contact management, calendar management, prospect management, deal management and even inbox management! 

Download Nimble here:


One of my favorite and most used features on LinkedIn was their tagging.  LinkedIn just got rid of tagging with the free account. So my solution is a chrome extension called Dux-Soup.  Really weird name, great little app!   Dux-Soup adds tagging and notes field to any LinkedIn profile you look up.  Now you can tag, take notes, search on and manage your network with this one tool.  For free. Dux-Soup has a premium offer for $15 a month that will allow you to export your data (maybe into Even if you purchase both premium features it will STILL be ½ the price of Sales Navigator (and do more!) Download Dux-Soup here:


The main reason I use LinMailPro, is that it allows you to personalize and automate private messages to your connections. After you install the LinMailPro extension, it will be embedded in your LinkedIn menu bar.  First search for connections, or view new connections, or view the people who have viewed your profile. Then select the first-level connections you want to send a message to and open the LinMailPro dashboard. The LinMailPro extension shows up in the LinkedIn menu bar. Now compose and personalize your message and send it. Share useful links, resources, and upcoming events with your network through these messages. It’s quite a time-saver. Once you have your connections, you can save them and just pull up the saved list to message in the future.  With LinkedIn getting rid of Advanced Search for the free account, this will be a huge productivity and time saver.  Whatever you do, don’t use LinMailPro to spam your network. The private messages you share should always focus on providing useful information, not sales pitches. If too many people flag your messages as spam, LinkedIn will restrict your account. Yes, LinMailPro is $58/month, but it’s the one extension I can’t live without. Download it here:

Rebecca Coleman - header 2

Rebecca Coleman

Marketing & Media Relations

Owner – Cooking by Laptop


I seriously can’t live without it. I use it every single day. First off, it manages all my twitter accounts for me, and while it’s not the greatest solution, it allows me to schedule Instagram posts. I follow RSS feeds and then use the auto-scheduling feature to queue up a week’s worth of tweets at a time. I also bulk-upload tweets so that I have at least one tweet per day leading back to evergreen content on my blog. Finally, it allows me to easily and elegantly follow a topic or a hashtag or a list (or all three). They’re a local company who’s done so well! 

Adobe Spark

Great little app, also now available online as well. I use it all the time to create graphics for my blog, or little quotes and images for Instagram. Easy to use, free, makes you look like a rock star graphic designer without having to be one. 

Dorien Morin-van Dam - Dorien March 2016Dorien Morin-van Dam

More In Media

Social Media Consultant


I use Buffer for Work, which is the paid version of Buffer. This tool allows me to schedule content for up to 25 social media profiles on platforms like Facebook, LinkedIn, Pinterest, Twitter, Instagram and G+ all within one dashboard. There are so many great features and things I love about using Buffer. The Buffer interface is easy-to-use and understand, the mobile app is a lifesaver for managing social media on-the-go, the analytic reports are great and I use the chrome extension daily to schedule content found online. The power scheduler allows me to send out one message multiple times to multiple platforms. Buffer is a huge timesaver for me!


Social media content creation is a huge part of what I do on a daily basis as social media manager. Having a tool like Canva in my toolbox is allowing me to spend less time on this task, with great results, for a fraction of the cost a graphic designer would charge me. The platform is user-friendly, contains thousands of images to use and makes creating visual content fun! 

Chris BurdgeChris Burdge

Co-Founder, Social Media Camp 

CEO, bWEST Interactive


This is our invoicing and time-tracking system. It is simple to use and is online (web and mobile app) so you can access and use it from anywhere.  We love the automated billing for retainer based clients and the loads of reports that enable you to keep track of cash-flow and the overall financial health of the company. FreshBooks saves us a couple of days worth or work a month.


This is the project management tool we’ve been using since we opened in 2009. It helps us stay on top of all the projects we have one the go, including what’s in progress, what’s coming up next, and who’s doing what. It enables us to delegate work, assign tasks, set deadlines and review work in progress. You can also invite clients to collaborate and you can control what they have access to. It is indispensable for any company that is project based, especially in the website development businesses.

Fiona Birch - FB-0194Fiona Birch

Founder, Chief Digital & Social Media Strategist

Tonic Global

Adobe Spark and Trello

The two apps I rely on most of all are Adobe Spark and Trello. Both are desktop and mobile accessible which makes them more flexible. On the desktop I can create a post image in Spark and then drag it in to a “card” on Trello. I have my Trello boards set up per client as content calendars. Each column is a stage in the post creation timeline from inception to approval to publish. I can load up the board with cards that have the Spark-created images and copy ready to go. Then I can post these straight out of Trello from my phone to the appropriate platform and account.

Working back the other way I can have people at live events taking images and uploading them in to a Trello Card, either raw or as a Spark-created post-ready image. Then copy is added to the Trello card and any social media manager with access to the Trello board can publish it to the appropriate platform and account. The great advantage of this over other calendars is you are posting natively, approvals can be managed and a team of content gatherers and creators can work seamlessly together, in a timely manner from multiple locations and devices.

avijitaryaAvijit (Avi) Singh Arya


Chief Mogul


It’s the app for the impatient entrepreneur gives you a quick synopsis of any book so you don’t miss out on core learnings  and end up spending one fourth the time to stay up to date with every new book in town. 

Karen Luniw - KarenmaskedKaren Luniw

Karen Luniw International

My two favourite social media/podcasting tools are Hootsuite for what I call Evercasting and Hipcast as a podcast host.

Hootsuite and Hipcast

Why have I picked these?  One of the things I recommend to my business clients is to make sure they get in front of their audience often.  I call this Evercasting – getting you out everywhere,  in every format and evergreen. 

 When you do a podcast, don’t just upload it to iTunes or Stitcher and be done with it, quite the contrary.  Make sure you have both video and audio options for your podcast and create nice looking social media announcements.   Take that podcast announcement and get it out everywhere on social media and the easiest way to do that and schedule that is with Hootsuite.  It is one of the premiere and longest standing social media schedulers and I couldn’t live without it.

Next, I recommend Hipcast as a podcast host.  I’ve had my podcasts with the big boy – Libsyn, since the beginning and I still love them but Hipcast is fairly new to the scene and I like their layout.   More than anything I LOVE their low cost packages for newbies with incredible bandwidth and large base storage and growth storage options.  Nothing is worse for a podcaster than limits and Hipcast lets you podcast away in a fairly unlimited manner. 

Emily Taylor - emily_02Emily Taylor

Tradable Bits
Digital Marketing Manager

Tradable Bits

Digital marketing software that helps you connect with your attendees so you can personalize your marketing and event experience. Their platform features social media walls, no-coding-required contests and social ad integrations for Facebook and Twitter. We use the platform to generate leads, aggregate user-generated content about our events and improve our Facebook ads.


Hands down the best scheduling platform for cross-network social media posting. Drag and drop scheduling, pre-built calendars and their RSS Feeds tab make life super easy. We use this to schedule all of our content on Twitter so we have a constant stream of great articles for our followers.

Co-schedule Headline Analyzer

Just type in your headline and you’re good to go! Rates your headline based on power words, SEO, sentiment, social sharing and other factors so you can tweak your blog post title or email subject line into perfection! We use this to tweak all of our blog headlines, website meta titles and email subject lines.

What’s your go to productivity tool? Tell us about it in the comments box below.

Chris Burdge

Chris is the co-founder of Social Media Camp. In 2009 Chris founded bWEST Interactive, an online marketing firm focused on helping companies grow their business via strategic online marketing. In 2015 Chris founded SOHO Summit a series of 1-day conferences across British Columbia, for small business owners, entrepreneurs to connect, explore, network and do business.

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