Welcome to Social Media Camp Blog 2.0

That's me on the left.

That’s me on the left.


Welcome to the New and Improved, Twice as Awesome, Feature Full, Raucously Fun, Information Infused, Social Media Savvy, Social Media Camp Blog 2.0!

Um. Yeah. OK. That may be just a little over the top. Actually, the only thing that is really new is me. Your Friendly Neighbourhood SMCamp Blog Editor.

Where We Have Come From

When the SMCamp Blog went live a few years ago, it quickly grew a following of Camp attendees and Social Media curious. In it’s second year, an editor was taken on and stable of authors approached to create readable and engaging content. I was pleased to be a part of that original group of authors and it was great to see how the blog was able to create an online buzz about the event. Last year, however, the focus changed a bit and the blog took a place on the back burner, gone, but certainly not forgotten.

In the post conference review, the organizers decided that the blog should return, to not only help add to the conversation online, but to generate a buzz around the annual Social Media Camp event, itself. Not a small task. To revive a dormant blog is never easy, but reviving it in a world where there are so many great blogs with some even greater content, is daunting. So what’s a rookie editor to do.

Where We Are Going

Well, we are going to focus on making sure that we are supplying content from some of the best people in the Social Media industry, not to mention content from rookie writers, looking for a space that can help them launch their scribblings into the InterWebs. We are going to add dynamic content, such as working with the Victoria based podcast “John, Paul & Mic” to further discuss featured posts on the blog. We are working with some of the incredible writers in the steamfeed.com stable of authors. Most important, we are going to have content from some of the many great speakers that have done Keynotes and Workshops at Social Media Camp, sharing some of their knowledge and insights on what makes Social Media work!

Finally, we want to hear from you, our soon to be loyal readers! We want to know what you would like to see in our posts. Tips and tricks, explanations on new features in existing platforms or new platforms. Marketing strategies, engagement strategies, lead generation or customer service techniques. Ask and we will look to find an author with that expertise! We also want to hear from bloggers interested in guest posting on our blog. We are only too happy to help launch the newest blogging sensation!

Social Media Camp is the largest Social Media Conference in Canada. My job is to help make a blog that matches that prestigious status. LET’S GO!

Sean Smith
The Social Media Camp Blog


Sean Smith

Sean is Managing Partner in ThatSocialMediaGuy.com, a Social Media consulting company based in Campbell River, BC. Sean has almost 20 years of experience in the IT industry, from a HelpDesk Manager to business owner. Sean has been active on Social Media platforms, since joining LinkedIn in 2005. Since then he has consulted on the development of Social Media strategies for a wide variety of businesses, from retail to tourism, instructed at workshops, been a guest and keynote speaker at various conferences, has been working as the tech/start-up author for Steamfeed.com and has recently become the Editor of the Social Media Camp Blog.

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