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WordPress, in all its glory, has a minor downfall in how it natively handles photo galleries. It does a poor job of displaying those pictures if someone clicks on the image to enlarge it. It displays them in simple rows on your post.

Yes, we all know the standard photo galleries in WordPress have something to be desired (hence the plethora of gallery plugins available for WordPress). Now, wouldn’t it be great to use the built in WordPress photo galleries to create great looking galleries and have them pop up in a light box to display?

Well there is a way you can do that, and I will show you how as well as show you a simple gallery plugin that displays beautifully on screen and fits your post every time no matter what size you have your content area set to.

Lets start with the standard gallery we all know and love.. First you need 6 images and the following plugin jQuery Lightbox For Native Galleries http://wordpress.org/extend/plugins/jquery-lightbox-for-native-galleries/ and the steps are:

(note:  since publication, the author of this plugin has opted to discontinue development in favour of the carousel module in Jetpack)

1. Goto add new plugin and add the above plugin and activate it, there is nothing to configure except choosing from 5 different themes to display your images and the default one is pretty nice

2. Upload your images, then insert gallery as in images below.

Then check out how it looks on your sites front end as below..

Now just click on any image and you should see a great looking pop up of the image in a lightbox as in picture below.

Now for an add-on photo gallery that always fits the bill.

Ok, now that you have done the simple way of enhancing your native galleries it is time to use a simple gallery option. Here is what you need: First, install the following plugin DM Albums™ which is an in-line photo album/gallery plugin that displays high quality images and thumbnails perfectly sized to your blog. Get it here at http://blog.dutchmonkey.com/product-release/dm-albums-3-1-8/ and install and activate in the usual way.

Once installed, all you need to do is go and create a post and in the right hand side at the top should be a new box for gallery creation as in image below.
Then just create a gallery or two and then look at the front of your website to see your beautiful new gallery.
So with these two great and simple solutions you can improve the display of galleries on your website in no time.


John Overall

John Overall has been working online since 1995, and in 1999 he opened his web design and hosting business. Since early 2009, he has been focusing on WordPress as a platform for people to deliver their messages to the world. With this focus on WordPress, he helps individuals and small business solve their website needs by using WordPress as a platform to maximize their websites impact.

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